Samsung Wave will be the first phone equipped with the new version of the Picsel File Viewer?

Samsung Wave will be the first phone equipped with the new version of the Picsel File Viewer?
The Samsung Wave will be the first handset powered by Samsung's new Bada OS. But Bada is not the only thing that is making a debut on the device. The Wave will feature the newest version of the Picsel File Viewer, the first phone in the world to be so equipped. The latest iteration of the program that supports Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) and Adobe PDF will allow for faster panning and zooming, higher resolution UI, continuous page scrolling and multiple page views. Pages will be re-drawn quickly as you scroll. The File Viewer will show off the functionality of the new Bada OS and certainly look sharp with the 3.3 inch super AMOLED display. Imran Khand, Picsel’s CEO, said: "We are happy tohave supported Samsung in their effort to deliver what we believe to bea market changing product. We are driven to expand the boundaries ofwhat can be achieved on a mobile device, and this extension to PicselFile Viewer’s capability is a clear indication of our intent tore-energise the business productivity market place." Another first for the device which is expected to launch in April.

Samsung Wave Specifications | Hands-on

source: Picsel via UnwiredView


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1. Kiltlifter

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That's cool. I liked the Picsel file viewing software. I had it on my i730 back in the day, and it was just great. It was even a great web browser, I wonder if Picsel will make the update available for other platforms, an app you could purchase like the Swype keyboard should too.

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