Samsung Omnia W gets a quick video tour

Samsung Omnia W gets a quick video tour
The Samsung Omnia W was made official a couple of days ago, but except for the technical details - a 3.7-inch display, a 1.4GHz processor and Windows Phone Mango - we had no idea, how the device performs in real life. A quick tour of the device itself and the interface of Mango shows exactly that, and as you’d expect navigating the phone is pretty smooth, with no visible slowdowns anywhere.

The Omnia W comes as the successor to the original Omnia 7, which came with the first Windows Phone handset wave. The Omnia family in general is known for the strict rectangular shape and almost no rounded edges, but the Omnia W changes that a bit with a more rounded design. The W is also a hair thinner and a bit lighter, making it generally more appealing, but it's no revolutionary leap. The handset was initially announced only for Europe, but hopefully it will arrive stateside as well. It adds to a growing number of WP devices, but is it enough to woo you into that relatively new ecosystem?

via JournalduGeek (translated)

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