Samsung Modus HM3500 is a "convertible-style" Bluetooth headset

Samsung Modus HM3500 is a
Almost everywhere you turn, it seems like Bluetooth headsets are almost all the same when it comes to functionality – there are just so few that are deemed as different or innovative. Fortunately it looks like Samsung is here to the rescue as they've announced their latest Bluetooth enabled headset that really stands among the current selection out there. The Samsung Modus HM3500 might look like your typical Bluetooth headset from far away, but this “convertible-style” headset packs some of the traditional premium refinements we see on most headsets and adds some new features to differentiate it from others. On top of offering dual microphones and noise canceling technology, the Modus implements an advanced multipoint technology that allows you to simply connect two devices to the headset at the same time – basically it can be paired to a cell phone for phone calls and also to an MP3 player at the same time. So while music is being played from the MP3 player, a call can come in to your cell phone and the headset will automatically fade the song and connect you to the call. Additionally, the Modus can be traditionally worn as a mono-style headset and can transform into a stereo Bluetooth headset with the included additional stereo ear bud. With a lot of neat features, we're sure consumers will be looking forward to this device – however, pricing and availability have yet to be released.

source: Samsung


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1. Delisa unregistered

I bought the Modus headset yesterday. I'm saddened because it does this glitchy thing when my Android Talking Calendar speaks My events out. That's the main reason I bought it and its unreliable. F my life.

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