Samsung M520 coming to Sprint

Samsung M520 coming to Sprint
We received the first picture of Samsung SPH-M520 with the logo of Sprint on the device. It is pretty clear that it is going to be available with the carrier, but there is no solid information to when it will be. Up till now the phone is available only with Qwest.

Samsung SPH-M520 is a 0.5 inches (13 mm) slim CDMA/EV-DO slider with 1.3-megapixel camera Stereo Bluetooth and microSD slot. Other features are the GPS capabilities and voice dialing.

Samsung SPH-M520 Specifications

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1. shard43 unregistered

It is going to be available in Feb 08.

2. Jacks unregistered

i think it will be available in feb too, along with all of sprints Qchat phones they are coming out with then. it should be about $250 w/out an upgrade discount, or $90 with an upgrade discount or new contract because sprint own qwest mobile who has this phone now for those prices

3. James unregistered

Sprint doesn't own Qwest. They are two completely separate companies. Qwest leases space on Sprint's wireless network. Do some research before you run your mouth and/or keyboard.

4. unregistered

This phone is TERRIBLE. Do not buy it. It makes your voice echo so badly you can't even concentrate on talking to cuts off...the Texting feature is SO hard to use. Waste of money.

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