Samsung Internet 19.0 browser brings even more security features, here’s what’s new

Samsung Internet 19.0 browser brings even more security features, here’s what’s new
Samsung has been focusing on improving its browser’s security features in the last couple of iterations. The upcoming Internet 19.0 version is no exception, so expect even more security and privacy features to arrive when the final build arrives later this year.

For now, Samsung fans can download the beta version of Samsung Internet 19.0 browser and enjoy some of the new features and improvements added by the South Korean company. First and foremost, the new version of the app does a much better job at detecting phishing and tracking attempts.

The Smart anti-tracking functionality prevents trackers from using advanced redirecting techniques to collect user data. More importantly, the latest iteration of the app further enhances the AI-powered function to detect domains that “collude with classified trackers.”

Additionally, the app now provides improved lookalike phishing detection so that users can avoid visiting fraudulent sites using a similar URL.

Some much-needed tweaks have been implemented too, such as the Lock Icon in the address bar, which allows users to verify how secure their connection is to the website. You’ll be able to see at a glance how many trackers have been blocked, as well as check for and even delete cookies. Not to mention that you can now use the Lock Icon to instantly allow or block permissions for location, camera and microphone.

The navigation aspect has been improved too thanks to the new Add-ons menu, which has been specifically designed to allow users to personalize and enhanced their browsing experience. The add-ons will work in Secret Mode too, so you won’t have to choose between privacy and customized experiences.

Finally, this beta version of Samsung Internet introduces the ability to sync users’ bookmarks between PC Chrome browser and mobile browser via the app’s Chrome Extension. Basically, you’ll be able to access websites on your PC from bookmarks saved on your smartphone and vice versa.

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According to Samsung, the new Internet 19.0 browser won’t be released until Q4 2022, but feel free to download the beta version from the Google Play Store and Galaxy Store.

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