Samsung Instinct comes June 20th

Samsung Instinct comes June 20th
Remember those anti-iPhone ads that Sprint launched in the beginning of the month? Sprint added another site to promote its Samsung Instinct, in a movie-like video advertisement. The interesting new fact is that it now says the phone will hit the stores on June 20th, in less than a month. Pricing information is not yet announced.

Samsung Instinct Specifications | Hands-on

source: Sprint



1. pHx

Posts: 15; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

sprint are teh biggest h8rs/abusers they own ;)

2. Simdes unregistered

It's true... With all that iPhone fanatism around here, someone ought to start dissing! :D

3. unregistered

anyone know anything about pricing

4. unregistered

ummm, how much will it cost w/o signing a new contract and without all the reabates and stuff?

5. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

Sprint you idiots you you would have dropped this in December you would be okay but you drop it around the same time the 3g Iphone drops. Good luck but i doubt that this will save Sprint

6. unregistered

249.99 with contract or 499.99 without

7. unregistered

wow, beautiful iphone instinct, when is it released? apple is FOR SURE the best now!

8. sprint_RULES! unregistered

Okay mr.3 g iphone, that stupid iphone still wont have as fast as speeds than the new samsung instinct, evdo rev A!!!!!!! Come on get with the program, were in a world where there isnt just black and white anymore, fast speeds, tv, gps, music, 2 gb card, two batterioes so its practically double battery than the iphone, BOO YA! SPRINT - 1, APPLE - -3!

9. anonymouse unregistered

but that is sprint losing to apple have 3 and sprint only 1 so apple is king samsung has nice copycat, right?

10. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

Im with you 100 percent man look mr sprint rules, this samsung phone is cool i dont disagree with you but the Iphone 3g will come out about 9 days later if everything goes right and it will have everything this phone has except SD capable and removable battery, but who needs and SD with 4 gigs or more based on the phone. I am really not an IPhone or an Att fan but the fact is the Iphone will sell regardless of anything and the instinct... well lets just say people will be breaking there aggrements for the Iphone this year like they did last year.

11. unregistered

Is it really 249 for real?

12. HeyJude21 unregistered

Some rumors are that the Instinct will be sold at 300 or less

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