Sprint takes aim at the iPhone

Sprint takes aim at the iPhone
Looks like Sprint's $150 million Instinct marketing campaign is going straight for the jugular. First was Sprint's promotional site, nowisgood.com, and its passive-aggressive swipes at the iPhone. Among other features, Sprint touts the Instinct as able to "shoot and send video" and as having "fast internet" on a "network built to let 'er rip." For its part, Samsung also has a promo site up (samsunginstinct.com), which takes more subtle shots at the iPhone, bragging about the Instinct's stereo Bluetooth and removable battery.

Now comes the first advertisement for it (seen here), which puts the Instinct directly head-to-head with the little phone from Cupertino. The ad lets users "watch the Instinct smack the iPhone around" by comparing GPS side by side. The Instinct's true GPS shows Sprint Navigation pinpointing the user's exact location, while the iPhone is stuck with a general approximation from Google Maps.

Let's face it, the iPhone has some beautiful software and gorgeous hardware, but there are also some serious shortcomings. The web address indicates that the video is found in the /#Side_by_Side directory, so we can probably look forward to more of these ads in the near future.

UPDATE: Other commercials are now up and show the Instinct's ability to watch live TV, download music anywhere OTA, shoot video and connect to the internet at Rev A speeds. See them all at nowisgood.com.

Samsung Instinct Specifications | Hands-On


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