Samsung's foldable phone to be released at 'appropriate' price, display specs and battery life detailed


During the course of its ongoing Developer Conference, Samsung will be doling out details about its foldable phone by the trickle it seems. While participating in panel presentations for developers and industry insiders, it has tipped details on the bendy handset's price and 2019 release date expectations, as well as on the Infinity Flex display's resolution.

Starting off with the display specs you see above, the Cover Display is of the 4.58" variety with tall 21:9 aspect ratio, just as rumored before, while the internal main screen is with a large, 7.3" diagonal and orthodox 4:3 ratio. That seems to be the best of both worlds - a compact handset in the 5-inch realm that is so hard to find these days, and a giant 7-incher when you need it. The displays' resolutions are relatively ho-hum, but at 420ppi they are more than enough for every task you throw at them. 

Such pixel densities mean that the power draw will be much less than that of the QHD+ displays that Samsung puts in its flagships. When asked about the battery life of the flexible phone, the presenters said they are aiming to reach the level of its current phones, even though we'd have two displays in total - one Infinity Flex panel, and a run-of-the-mill OLED on the outside. Moreover, when the phone is pushed open to use the main screen, the cover one goes black to save on battery when it's not in use.

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Pressed on the price and release date of the Galaxy Flex, or whatever it gets named, Samsung's reps calmed the panel down by saying that they will try to reach agreeable pricing level, but couldn't engage themselves with a firm release date, be it around the CES, the MWC, or later in 2019:

Something tells us that a 7.3" Infinity Flex display would be costing Samsung a lot to produce, not to mention the extra OLED display at the front, the flagship-grade 7nm chipset with possible 5G modem, the high-end cameras, and the innovative body and battery solutions that have to be reached in order for the phone to bend. Expect $1500 in the low range of rumors and up to $2000 on the high mark. That's the price to pay if you want to be an early adopter of the next great thing in mobile.

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