Samsung INNOV8 is 8-megapixel GSM

Samsung INNOV8 is 8-megapixel GSM
Remember the Primera i8510? Well, its model name is really i8510, but its official name will be the INNOV8; this is the first 8-megapixel Samsung that is not only for the Korean market but is a GSM that will be distributed in Europe. Moreover, unlike Sony Ericsson’s C905, the INNOV8 is said to launch starting August (Yes, just a week away!), which may turn it into the first such cameraphone on this market. Camera features include dual-LED flash, face recognition, smile shot (takes picture when the people smile) and blink shot (doesn’t take one when someone blinks). It also features VGA video recording at 30fps and an option for slow-motion QVGA video, captured at 120fps.

The INNOV8 is based on Symbian OS v9.3 with S60 3rd edition Feature Pack 2, which is the latest version of this system. It is targeted not only as a cameraphone, but as an all-in-one multimedia device. Unlike the OMNIA, it features DivX but lacks XviD support, which limits its video playback capabilities to a certain point. For music playback, it has stereo speakers and 3D surround sound effect and DNSe 2.0, which is Samsung’s DSP technology, claimed to deliver better sound from portable devices. For storing information, the INNOV8 has 16GB of memory (there is also variant with 8GB) plus microSDHC slot. It will come preloaded with 3D games, including Asphalt and FIFA 08 (there is no information if these will be demos or full versions).

The new phone is a quad-band GSM with dual-band 3G UMTS/HSDPA at 900/2100 MHz for use in Europe. It features integrated Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) and aGPS for navigation as well. Internet browsing is also claimed to be a great experience with the 4-way D-pad and the optical mouse (as the one used in OMNIA and i780) and 2.8 inch display. The only drawback we see in the specifications is the resolution of the display, which is only QVGA instead of the more suitable for such phone VGA.

Samsung INNOV8 is going to be launched in Europe sometime in August, and then expanded to other markets during September. Pricing is not announced.

Samsung INNOV8 Preliminary Specifications

source: Samsung



15. unregistered

very nice phone sor far samseung came out wiht two 8 megapixel camera phone and the first to do a 12 megapixel camera phone yup my cousin has the 12 megapixel camera phone doesn't surprise me since he lives in korea

18. unregistered

well thats just a lie :)

14. unregistered

If it is 8 megapixel, it would have been logical t put a Xenon flash to enhance the camera features. VGA S60 screens are coming in 5th Edition phones, and also, even with all the features the n96 has, they it has been highly criticized. Lets just hope the camera truly delivers high quality pictures. Plus, it is not ugly, it follows samsung's newest trends.

13. unregistered

its not innovation when you copy lg and sony ericsson announcements a month later

6. unregistered

Cool phone with DNse 2.0 it will probably have the best sound quality ever in a mobile phone(just my theory). Why do people care so much about screen resolution and a xenon flash honestly G810 had 3x optical zoom which is in every digital camera and no one complained about it in the other mobile phones, why do they have to criticize it of not having a xenon flash now. They will always find some fault in a Samsung phone but not in Nokia's or Sony Ericsson. I just don't get some people. For example the Nokia N96, why didn't they criticize it's screen resolution why do they have to point it out now.

8. unregistered

Why do people complain about the lack of a Xenon flash? Maybe because an LED flash is pretty much completely useless. The screen resolution is VERY important, espescially on a media-centric phone.

9. rj04 unregistered

Exactly! If the led flash most cheap camera phones come with could actually produce good to great night time and indoor shots then no one would complain. Hopefully since this is a dual led flash it will have better results. I'll still take my 2 year old k800 over it though when it comes to night time pics. I'm not a girl and i'm not going to carry a man purse so my phone has to function as my camera whenever and wherever I am.

4. ihartfones unregistered

its the ugliest thing ive ever seen. come out with a more appealing look and ill get it!!!!!

5. unregistered

You are crazy. The phone is just lovely. I just don't think it's worthed the 8 megapixel camera... I'll be waiting for the review.

7. unregistered

Wow....if you think that phone is ugly I don't even what to know what you think about a phone that really is ugly. Maybe the sates can get somehting like this in 5 years.

12. unregistered

i agree, the phone looks sweet. if they are packing so much in, they are probably just putting an 8 megapixel to show it has everything.

2. unregistered

no xenon flash

3. unregistered

why do people want xenon flash??? u live only in the night??? buy a real camera if u want good pictures for MMS is more than enough

10. unregistered

if you dont need camera you wouldnt look after 8mpx model, right? dual lED may be not so bad ...

11. unregistered

because xenon flash almost close the gap between a real camera and camera phone. and xenon flash avoid the problem of holding ur hand still when taking a pic in moderate low light.

16. unregistered

if it is a xenon flash it will hog more battery than dual led. and u cant use xenon for video during the night so dual led is good for video during the night.. ^_^

17. unregistered

i live at night as well as the day, if all you want from your camera phone is mms then all you need is a vga camera, if i can get good pictures from my cell phone then i obviously won't have to carry my digital camera every where i go will i

1. ----- unregistered

nice phone ... but 780 euros .... its huge!! and gsmarena says it has the same 2.8" screen just like N95-8Gb.. :( i think its lame :( anyway .. if vodafone will have a good price, i'll take this one over SE XPERIA

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