Samsung Glyde U940 being released tomorrow

Samsung Glyde U940 being released tomorrow
The wait is finally over as Verizon Wireless today announced that the Samsung Glyde would be released tomorrow, May 9 , through its web site and store locations. This comes as no surprise however, since we have known about this release date for almost a week, and some people have even been able to call and order the Glyde from May 1. The device features a single 2.8" capacitive sensitive WQVGA display, a slide out QWERTY keypad, an HTML browser, a 2MP camera with flash, Bluetooth, an MP3 music player, stereo speakers, and supports microSDHC cards up to 8GB in size. Just like with the Voyager, the Glyde will require customers to have a Nationwide Calling Plan, due to the HTML browser, as it will not be available for purchase or activation on America's Choice plans. Pricing will be $249 on a 2-year contract after a $50 rebate.

Expect our review of the Glyde soon.

*UPDATE 1* The Glyde is now listed for sale.
The Verizon site is now showing the Glyde with a price of $199 after $50 rebate.
After about 30 minutes today (5/9), the price has now changed back to $249.
*UPDATE 4* The price has been changed back to $199 after $50 rebate (5/11).

source: VerizonWireless



1. unregistered

Ahh!!! im soo excited about the Glyde!!!! im gonna try and get it as soon as possible!!!!!!!

2. unregistered

I feel your excitement!

3. unregistered

can you buy the phone without the html browser so as to not have to pay for nationwide??

6. unregistered

nope, you have to have the nationwide plan

7. captain obvious unregistered

Yes you can special order the Glyde with whatever options you want. If you don't want to browser you don't have to get it. i ordering mine with 2 browsers in case I want to go online more than once. Pay the money for the plan and stop being cheap!

14. unregistered

the nationwide plans are the same pricing as the America's Choice. you just pay for the data different.

4. unregistered


5. unregistered

So, I wonder what people's response will be to this question. Although not all of these phones are out, which is the best: LG Voyager, Samsung Glyde, or LG Dare? (Oh, and does anyone know if the Dare will have Mobile TV and a full HTML browser on it?)

8. unregistered

how can anyone be excited about this crap phone when the iphone has been out for almost a year?! kid, this is a reimagined voyager (and i'd actually rather be using the voyager)

11. Esquire0399

Posts: 53; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

Actually this is a reimagined Samsung F700, which came out before the Voyager, so what the hell are you talking about? And how does the iPhone have anything to do with the Glyde? For whatever reason, people have developed this ridiculous idea that the iPhone was the first touchscreen phone ever to be release, which is was most definitely NOT. Please stop posting such crap when you clearly are oblivious to what's actually going on.

9. CT unregistered

The Glyde won't be as good as the Voyager. The touch screen is a lot smaller so it will feel cramped. The keyboard is also smaller so obviously that is cramped too. And have fun playing games with no D-Pad except for those bottom row of letters. Disappointment from the GSM version...

10. Esquire0399

Posts: 53; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

Ummm... buddy, the Voyager and the Glyde have the same size screen. What are you talking about? And the directional keys on the keyboard can be used for games and such. Get your facts straight.

15. vzwemp unregistered

the screens are most definatly NOT the same size esquire. The glyde could fit the whole phone into the voyager's screen. Does that make it bad? no, but it is definatly a smaller phone, which some people will like.

16. Optional unregistered

Actualle vzwemap and CT the screen size is EXACTLY the same. Look it up yourself on either phonearena or verizon themselves. There both 2.8' You really should check the data before you make ignorant posts like this ESPECIALLY since you havent even seen the real phone yet.

29. Esquire0399

Posts: 53; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

Actually vzwemp, you're right. The Glyde's screen is smaller, but by an incredibly minuscule amount. The Glyde's screen is actually 2.75", whereas the Voyager's is 2.81". So yeah, the Glyde's screen is 0.06" smaller than the Voyager's. If you're not aware how ridiculously small and insignificant of a difference that makes, I suggest you take out a ruler and find the 0.06" mark and you'll notice that the difference is so minor that it's not even worth mentioning. Now the Glyde's screen is different dimensions (240x440), as opposed to the Voyager(240x400) so it may look much smaller because it is not as wide, but the difference in screen size is REALLY not that much. And how do I know this? Well, that would be because I own both and am currently looking at both. They are clearly not that different in size (almost unnoticeably so with the naked eye).

35. vzwemp unregistered

actually, after months of using my voyager i definatly notice the difference in screen size. when you are talkin such a small screen to begin with, any shrinkage is doubly noticable.

36. vzwemp unregistered

you are either psychic or incredibly stupid to make statements about who as seen it and who hasnt. We had em in a store for a good few days before release.

12. unregistered

Actually I have both the dummy phones in my hand as i sit here at work and the screens are close but not the same. The voyager's screen it alittle wider but its not a huge difference. I like the Glyde because it isnt as large as the voyage, which when put side by side, makes the voyager seem very clunky. The keyboard is more crampt but not terrible. I think it will sell extremely well.

13. anonymous unregistered

This phone is sweet but the price is kinda high. I am just waiting till BBY gets it, they are always a little cheaper.


Don't waste your money on this. Wait for the LG Dare. You'll be glad you waited 2 more months. Besides (IMO) they ruined the cosmetic aspect of this phone... A DUSTY LOOKING DARK BLUE HUE? WITH A GREY FACE?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I always thought a black or just a silver, OR black & silver color concept makes any phone look more sleek/stylish//sophisticated. Now the glyde just looks like an advanced designated vzw chaperone handset. Once again, verizon drops the ball on what could have potentially been an absolute show stopper. I mean, don't get me wrong, blue is my favorite color...I just don't want to see it painted all over my "ELECTRONICS"...But hey, I'm just one man and this is just one man's opinion. And btw, I'm 100% sure that AT LEAST half the poeple who buy this phone will have buyers remorse once the LG DARE drops. But we'll never know that because they probably won' admit it ;-) PS~ ITS TOO BAD, BECAUSE I WAS REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS PHONE INITIALLY...BUT NOW I SEE THAT FEATURE WISE, ITS PRETTY MUCH THE SAME AS THE VOYAGER, WITH A FEW EXCEPTIONS. I LIKE THE SLIDING QWERTY OVER THE VOYAGERS CLAMSHELL. BUT TO BE HONEST, SIDE BY SIDE, WITH BOTH THE DEVICES CLOSED, YOU GOTTA ADMIT THAT THE VOYAGER LOOKS MORE ATTRACTIVE. I'M INTO TECH-GADGETS AND WHAT NOT, BUT THE AESTHETICS OF THEM HAS JUST AS MUCH TO DO WITH HOW MUCH I'LL LIKE IT AS THE ACTUALLY TECHNOLOGY BEHIND IT.

18. correction unregistered

The stock photo has the gray face, the real phone does not.

22. unregistered

your right man. this phone really was a waste. im just gonna get the curve

30. Esquire0399

Posts: 53; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

Well if the Curve is what you needed to begin with, then you were wasting your time with the Glyde anyway. The Glyde is a dumbphone with a pretty set number of features (with the exception of what you can get from Get it Now), whereas the Curve is a smartphone which, by nature, is a more capable type of phone. The reason so many people are disappointed with the Glyde is because they go into it expecting smartphone functionality, when in fact it is really no different than the enV, Chocolate, Gleam, Voyager, etc. It just happens to have a touchscreen. In all honesty, the Glyde is by far one of the best dumbphones VZW carries, which is not really saying much considering all of VZW's phones are essentially identical, albeit in different shells. People just have to realize that the Glyde is NOT a smartphone, was never intended to be a smartphone, and will never compete with something like the Curve because it is not meant to appeal to the same market

19. cvin519 unregistered

I WANT THIS PHONE SO BAD! And I truly hope you're right #20. I was also disappointed when I saw the stock photo. It's so expensive though.

32. unregistered

it needs to be is one of VZW's top level phones. DUH

20. unregistered

Are they going to fix the browser so you can get rid of the icons at the bottom of the screen while browsing? You should be able to press a button to make it go a way while looking at web pages. They take up way too much space.

21. unregistered

not impressed. just got it today. its so basic

23. unregistered

this phone looked nice in the previews and with all the hype, but after playing with it for 10 minutes in the verizon store i got bored. touch screen is nice but kind of laggy and screen isn't very big nor is it truly utilized for how big it is. maybe i'm just not as into touch screens as a lot of other people seem to be.

27. lordvadert49

Posts: 5; Member since: Apr 30, 2008

no your right. i own it. the screen is way to small.

24. unregistered

by the screen isn't utilized for how big it is, i mean size to pixel ration. it seems they drew a lot of the apps bigger than than needed to be. it just feels wierd. i also agreed with 24, i wasn't impressed because its a basic qwerty phone with a touch screen. no specialness. i also forgot to mention that it is quite bulky for the screen size and all. i thought it would be slimmer and sleeker.

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