Samsung Galaxy S5 replacement parts (display, touchscreen, battery, home button, ribbons) and where to get them


A grim picture

According to a late 2014 study carried out by extended warranty provided, SquareTrade, Americans have spent a cool $23.5 billion on repair or replacement of their smartphones in the last 7 years. That same study also found that 26% of folks stateside have cracked the screen of their iPhone and 15% of them are using it that way. 

Those are some mind-boggling statistics. And more importantly, they seem to capture reality accurately from what we can tell – damaged and totaled smartphones aren't as rare a sight as we'd all like it to be, despite the fact that many use protective cases. But it's not just your glass screen that's at risk – a whole plethora of big or small parts that make your smartphone work can break down on their own or with your 'help'. In such cases, you usually have three options if your phone isn't covered by warranty or insured – seek help form professionals and abdicate control by allowing them to source the needed parts and do the replacement itself, do all of that yourself, or simply take care of half the job by getting the parts yourself and then hand them over to someone who knows what he's doing. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and want to go for either of the latter two options, this guide is for you.

Sourcing the parts

Flex cables, ribbons, batteries, rear housings, camera lenses, LCD screens, touchscreen digitizers, physical buttons, and even motherboards – that's just a taste of what could go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy S5 units out in the wild. Thankfully, a score of parts suppliers are vying for your repair budget, and in an age of bustling E-conomy, getting these online is easier than ever. We have a few favorites, though, that we've tried and tested, and trust to always faithfully mark parts as original or third-party made to OEM specification. Two examples we're most confident talking about are ETradeSupply and iFixit. The latter has only recently started growing its assortment of replacement parts, but the former's inventory is downright impressive and you can usually find whatever you need at competitive prices and there's U.S. stock available, so shipping times are usually under a week.

There are over 20 different components of the Galaxy S5 you can replace, down to the smallest details – like the charging port door, or the battery's waterproof gasket. Most of these are 'A' grade parts, meaning that they're original Samsung, though there are a few 'R' grade ones, or third-party made, but OEM compliant (usually cheaper).

Most (but not all) Galaxy S5 replacement parts below are available for all models, including the SM-G900T (T-Mobile), SM-G900V (Verizon), SM-G900A (AT&T), SM-G900P (Sprint), SM-G900R4 (U.S. Cellular), SM-G900F (Europe), SM-G900 (International), and SM-G9006V (China Unicom). Repair parts listed are for the international, SM-G900 model. Browse parts for other models here (includes Galaxy S5 Sport and S5 Active).

source: SquareTrade, ETradeSupply, header image courtesy of iFixit

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