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Samsung Galaxy S5 may come without OIS camera module after all

Samsung Galaxy S5 may come without OIS camera module after all
The Korean media has been literally buzzing with Samsung-related news as of late, spitting out report after report. What binds these all together, apart from their target topic, is the fact that we are fed information by our all-time favorite person – Mr. Anonymous industry source.

Yet we are no strangers to rumors, and we've witnessed their increasing reliability, at least the ones that have some basis in reality. Such is the case, precisely, with the report from Korean ET News. Citing an unidentified source from the industry, the new intel points towards the quite unlikely prospect of an Optical Image Stabilization module in the upcoming Samsung flagship – the Galaxy S5.

According to the report, the issue pertains to a lack of a scalable supply, considering the volume at which the Galaxy S line usually sells in. As has become usual, we're once again given to understand that OIS module yields are once again at the core of this, as these need to be both power-efficient, compact and up to Samsung's standard. How high of a standard that one is, we have no clue, though if it's anything alike to Apple's, we certainly can imagine this being rooted in fact. What's more, while the latest Galaxy S5 specs leak notes a 16MP camera unit, there's no mention of an OIS actuator.

Now, while still considered an extra, OIS can be said to be slowly morphing into something a tad more tangible, especially considering the splendid jobs it does stabilizing snaps and videos. What's more, it doesn't take an industry genius to figure out that cameras have become a component threatening to overshadow everything else inside of a smartphone, at least for the increasingly diverse clique of photography buffs. This makes an OIS module a sought-after commodity that Samsung is surely trying its darnest to obtain, as we expect the Galaxy S5 to be every bit of a hardware powerhouse as the ones before it.

source: ET News via G4Games
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