Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5 face off in ruthless destruction test

Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5 face off in ruthless destruction test
For many, watching these cool gadgets get tortured is enough to make you wince. For others, it is good wholesome entertainment.

These two flagship devices are destined to face off in every way. The iPhone and Galaxy S4 are both outstanding smartphones which can meet the needs of just about everyone between the two.

Luke Westaway at CNET UK decided to test the durability of these devices in exponentially more difficult tests of endurance. In some ways, these things could happen in real life, but in actuality, some of us just like to see what it takes to make things break.

There are only three real tests throughout the whole production, but we have to say, the Samsung Galaxy S4 fares very well indeed. In both the dunk test and the high-drop test, the SGS4 outlasts the iPhone by notable margins. Of course, the drop test might also be attributed to the Galaxy’s Gorilla Glass 3 panel, which is a marked improvement over previous versions of the glass.

Even at the end, where both devices are rendered to their “final solution,” they both go out in style with the assistance of a Toyota Hilux (a relative of the Toyota Tacoma in the US).

source: CNET UK


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