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Here's how much the Samsung Galaxy S10+ costs to build

Samsung Galaxy S10+ estimated production costs revealed
The Samsung Galaxy S10+

The entry-level Samsung Galaxy S10+, which boasts a respectable 128GB of internal storage, costs $999.99 in the US. On the other end of the spectrum, the 1TB model sells for a whopping $1,599. But today, new estimates published by TechInsights have revealed the actual component value of Samsung’s latest flagship.

In total, the 128GB model of the Galaxy S10+ is valued at an estimated $420, representing an increase of around $40 over last year’s entry-level 64GB Galaxy S9+ model. As is often the case, the most expensive component is listed as the new 6.4-inch AMOLED Infinity-O display with a cost of $86.50 per panel. This is followed closely behind by the processor (Exynos 9820) and modems at $70.50. Interestingly enough, the new processor actually costs $9 less to produce than the Exynos 9810 found inside the Galaxy S9+.

Breaking the component value down further, the new triple-camera setup has a $56.50 price tag attached to it. Storage and RAM, on the other hand, cost an estimated $50.50. Lastly, things such as internal testing, assembly, and bundled accessories add $34.50, $12 of which is down to the free 128GB SD Card which is included inside the box.

In addition to the smartphone's component value, the cost of marketing the flagship, shipping it, and even the R&D costs all need to be taken into account. Ultimately, though, it’s Samsung’s chunk of profit which pushes the price up to $1,000, but things could be worse. Rival Apple, for example, tends to favor significantly larger profit margins.

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