Samsung Galaxy S III gets microwaved, ends up on eBay

Samsung Galaxy S III gets microwaved, ends up on eBay
The following "experiment", if you will, should not be recreated at home. Why? Because it is dangerous for both you and the ones around you, not to mention that an expensive piece of electronics gets destroyed along the way. This guy, however, seems wacky enough to melt gadgets in his microwave, and the latest item on his list is the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Needless to say, the smartphone does not survive after being exposed to radiation for several minutes. No consumer product that works on electrical power will make it through that kind of torture, for that matter.

Believe it or not, this "professionally microwaved" Samsung Galaxy S III is now on eBay with a $2,012 price tag attached to it. In fact, the "author" is claiming that his creation is a piece of "original artwork", although the sight is anything but pretty. No, we wouldn't buy it either.

source: Dovetastic (YouTube) via Android Authority

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