Samsung Galaxy S II users in Vietnam claim screen issues in locally produced units, Samsung debunks it

Samsung Galaxy S II users in Vietnam claim screen issues in locally produced units, Samsung debunks it
A number of Samsung Galaxy S II owners have arranged a coffee shop meeting in Hanoi to compare the displays of their phones, some of which have been produced in Samsung's factory in Vietnam, and found out they differ from the imports. Another issue had been the pink spot in the middle of the screen, resulting from trying to take pictures under low light conditions against bright backgrounds.

Samsung is operating one of its most modern factories in the country, which was a $1 billion investment, and it replied to the initial screen complaints that only 10% of the production goes to Vietnam, the rest is sold all around the world, and complies with the most stringent quality requirements of the company, saying that the whole issue has been blown out of proportion. For all we know, these might be considered normal fluctuations during the quality assurance tests of Super AMOLED Plus displays.

The Galaxy S II aficionados, however, arranged an informal meetup on Sunday, where, among other activities, like giving away purple T-shirts to those who managed to achieve a 5000+ benchmarks score with their phones, they asked the participants to give their Galaxy S II phones for comparison.

They got together 20 units made in Vietnam with 11 imports, and indeed found out some discrepancies in brightness and color accuracy between the local and foreign units. As far as we understood from the translation, in normal use the differences are not that visible, but when displaying plain colors, like blue or pink, the local produce seems duller, despite that all phones compared were cranked up to full brightness.

While all of this might be much ado for nothing, and just cherrypicking outliers, there indeed seem to be wide variations in the screen characteristics as exemplified in the video below, although Samsung says only a fraction of the thousands of units sold in Vietnam have been returned for warranty repair so far. We'll keep an eye on this local riot and report if there are any further developments, be it only for the surprise fact that the phone is treated with such stunts and cult status over there.

source: ICTNews (translated) via Tinhte (translated)

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Galaxy S II
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1. cheetah2k

Posts: 2293; Member since: Jan 16, 2011

Thats the most anoying video I've ever wasted 1.11minutes of my life on ..

8. baller unregistered

Nothing is more annoying than arrogant people.

2. Sp1tfire unregistered

Lol, every SII has the pink spot when taking pictures in under low light conditions against bright backgrounds, be it made in Korea, Vietnam or Mars

3. Ahole unregistered

f**k!!samsung have to do something with this

5. vozer unregistered

We put our trust in Samsung VN,and that's what we get in return

6. NeXoS

Posts: 292; Member since: May 03, 2011

I just want to see more pictures of the girl w/the glasses hung on her shirt:

7. aloha unregistered

galaxy s ii suck

9. Vietnamese unregistered

Hi Daniel P, I'm Vu Thanh Dang - Zanr Zij who start the this thread: And organize the Galaxy S2 Offline event. I'm also first one said about some discrepancies in brightness and color accuracy between the local and foreign units. I can give you more info and more picture about the difference in hardware between them :). Just dissambly 2 unit and take many pictures. Plz email: Phone: 0906.699.666 Regards Vu Thanh Dang

10. TYA unregistered

That infor is meaningless ! I am a VNM, using one Galaxy s2 that made in VN. It displays better than one sample from foreign branch .

11. Carot unregistered

I think Zanr zij (Vu Thanh Dang) do not know well about tech, product development process, day by day product should be improved performance.. changing for better WHY NOT? Zanr zij should consider and think over for future...

12. Vietnamese unregistered

@ Vu Thanh Dang R U PR yourseft. Stupid

13. memvoz unregistered

thằng L Zanr ZIJ mà biết cặt gì , ngậm hàng mấy thằng hãng khác

14. Expat in Saigon unregistered

I bought my Made in Vietnam Galaxy S2 in Nguyen Kim, Saigon and the display is excellent!

15. manzl

Posts: 24; Member since: Oct 04, 2011

just bought my s2 yesterday a little too late for... when tilting my phone little bit its gives greenish tint... f u samsung...

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