Samsung Galaxy Player to come first in S Korea next month starting from $350

Samsung Galaxy Player to come first in S Korea next month starting from $350
The Samsung Galaxy Player, a soon-to-come iPod touch rival, will come first in Sammy's homeland of South Korea next month with a rumored price tag of around $350 for the 8GB version. 16GB and 32GB will carry prices of around $405 and $490, respectively.

The price tag is not final, but if it remains the same, it would be hefty in comparison with the latest fourth generation 8 gig iPod touch, which sells for the comparatively humble $229 on Apple's website. Samsung's player could also be compared to the Samsung Galaxy S, which has similar specs, but a better Super AMOLED display, a 5 megapixel camera and – obviously – a phone and 3G internet function. The Galaxy S is available for some $580 off contract.

The main advantage of the Galaxy Player will be the 4-inch Super Clear LCD screen treated with Android Froyo, while sound is taken care of with SoundAlive audio enhancing technology. It is a mere week until the CES kicks off on January 6th, so hold your breath and don't forget that we will be there to update you with hands-on reviews from the latest and greatest gadgets.

source: Samsung Hub



5. im azn!!! azn pride noobs!! unregistered

im gonna pre-order it on the korean website rite noww!!! ^^ idc how expensive samsung is da bomb!!!

4. baztah

Posts: 29; Member since: Dec 07, 2010

Thats expensive!! If the price doesnt drop I dont think its gonna sell much here in the US, pEople would rather buy iTouch

2. Larry Wilson unregistered

I was considering this player, but that price tag is totally unacceptable. How do they expect to compete with the Itouch, when a 64GB iTouch 4G can be had for 100 bucks less than the most expensive Galaxy Player model? And out has double the memory as the Galaxy Player? Not even the most rabid Apple hater could justify that purchase. Not to mention this device is yet another slap in the face to Galaxy S phone owners. Samsung can't even get a non-wonky build of Froyo out the door for us Galaxy S owners, but they can exhibit two phones and a media player that run Froyo or better, all of them blood relatives to the Galaxy S? Such stones these guys have! I, for one, am gonna pass until Samsung lowers the price and starts showing its Galaxy S owners some Froyo love.

3. Bang Didit unregistered

i agree with you mate, since i have SGS I do not expect too much to this SGP. SGS only cunning game from samsung to deceive customers. why I say that? because of the quality and ability are not suitable as it appears on the box. 1GHz procie but slow and laggy. although we've lagfix but it's very troublesome for new users. not to mention if we see a plastic-feel impression of who makes everything cheap. And now we see no SAMOLED? Then SGP was so expensive and did not deserve to be bought. I am very disappointed with Samsung-made. too much fraud

1. tacoslaad

Posts: 8; Member since: Dec 15, 2010

finally, an android MP3, i just hope the price drops.

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