Samsung's new Galaxy Buds+ are surprisingly repairable, teardown reveals

Samsung's new Galaxy Buds+ are surprisingly repairable, teardown reveals
A brand new gadget being disassembled by the iFixit team is as unavoidable as death and taxes. It’s always cool to see what’s hidden behind the sleek exteriors of our devices. The latest victim that had its internals revealed to the world are the Samsung Galaxy Buds+.

The second iteration of Samsung’s wireless earphones was announced alongside the Galaxy S20 phones and is boasting an impressive battery life of 11+ hours. But that’s not the only thing Samsung has improved.

When iFixit took the original Galaxy Buds apart, they deemed them the most repairable wireless earbuds. That sets the bar pretty high so how did Samsung do this time with the Buds+? Check in the video below:

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If you’re not able to watch the video right now, here’s the gist of it. The earbuds are a bit tricky to open but once inside, the parts can easily be disconnected from one another. As expected, the battery has been upgraded to a 0.315Wh one but it is still a standard one that can be replaced by another of the same type without much hassle.

There are also new drivers and some differences in the chips but overall there isn’t much that can be changed in such a small package.

Overall, iFixit is rating the repairability of the Galaxy Buds+ at 7 (out of 10). With that, the Buds+ take the gold medal for "Most repairable wireless earbuds" from the previous Galaxy Buds, which scored only 6. Hats off to Samsung for that one.

In comparison, Apple’s premium wireless earbuds, the AirPods Pro, received a score of 0, making them practically useless once their battery life deteriorates.

What’s even better about the Galaxy Buds+ is that you can get a pair free with your preorder of the Galaxy S20 Ultra or $100 off with preorders for the Galaxy S20 and S20+. Keep in mind, though, preorders end tomorrow. You can order yours from the links below:

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