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Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) unboxing

Samsung released a waterproof 2017 A-series trio with premium glass design, and now we have the largest of them all - Galaxy A7 - to check out on. We know you are curious, but first things first, as this thing needs to be taken out of the box, so we will use the opportunity to enlighten you on what's coming with the new Galaxy A7 for your hard-earned money.

The box is tall, sturdy and compact, a typical Samsung affair, and the phone, as well as its accessories, are packed tightly inside. Samsung has covered the all-glass design of the A7 with protective tape that, naturally, has to be peeled off first, or you can just walk around with it until it burns from the sunlight as many people do. It's a pretty big phone, too, with a 5.7" display, so make sure you don't drop it while getting it out first, before you have gotten used to the grip needed to secure its dimensions in your palm.

The next thing you see after you take out the phone of its nesting space, are Samsung's warranty and information leaflets inside, whose packaging also houses the SIM ejector pin. This thing comes with two years of warranty, and there are various versions of it, based on the colors of the chassis, or whether it is a dual SIM model or not. We have the Galaxy A7 Duo, denoted with DS after the model number, so you can add two SIM cards in this puppy, or use a SIM and a microSD card to supplement the 32 GB of storage.

What else is in the box? Well, Samsung has packed its OEM EHS64 earphones with inline remote and mic, a USB-C cable, and a charging adapter, and that's that. These are all dressed in white, and clash a bit with our black version of the Galaxy A7, especially the white buds, but oh well, you can always have it in your pocket. Upon pressing the power button, we are greeted with the Galaxy A7 logo, and, after a few welcome and settings screen, which include registering your fingerprint, you enter the Samsung UX interface, more about which we will tell you in our upcoming full review of the Galaxy A7 (2017), so stay tuned.

What's in the box:

  • Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) model SM-A720F/DS (dual SIM)
  • User Manual and warranty leaflets
  • Sim ejector tool
  • USB-A to USB-C cable
  • White Samsung OEM EHS64 earbuds with replaceable rubber tips
  • 2A wall charger (15 watts peak, 9V and 1.67V, or 5V and 2A)

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