Samsung Delve: the Instinct's long-lost brother?

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Samsung Delve: the Instinct's long-lost brother?
BGR has the inside scoop on the previously unknown Samsung Delve, a touchscreen device they describe as a cross between the Instinct and F480 in development for US Cellular.  With a 3" touchscreen display and a revamped Touch Wiz UI, the Delve is said to be very user-friendly.  It also features a 2 megapixel camera, GPS, an HTML browser and customizable widgets.  It is just in the beta phase for now, but the leaked pictue looks pretty darn official.  Looks like the little guys are scoring a pretty big catch!

source: BGR



1. unregistered

lol um.. #3.. verizon just did XD. The blackberry storm... the phone thats going to murder any other phone out there.

2. unregistered


3. unregistered

you peeps are retarded. the glyde is 100% samsungs fault. its bad programming. samsung rep said that a new major update will be out for it soon. Also, said that the Omnia is comming for VZW shortly.

5. unregistered

by shortly you mean next year? I doubt they are going to release it with the Storm, the VX9600, and the Diamond all in Q4

4. unregistered


6. none unregistered

the iphone doenst rule. Its fun and a little better than the instinct, but overall still bad

7. unregistered

yes it is

8. unregistered

Look for this phone to fill a strategic spot in the line up. Samsung has an amazing phone coming to other carriers but it will not be as affordable as this one. You'll see that the interface on the Delve is fully customizable and as always reliable and easy to use. WM5 is hidden in this UI, like it should be. This will not be an iPhone killer, but you will not be disappointed when you own it, plus you'll have expandable memory via SD and changeable battery so add to the overall experience.

9. unregistered

so, is this a slider or anything? or does it just stay like that?

10. unregistered

What u see is what u get. All access is done from touch screen, 3 front buttons, and buttons on either side.

11. unregistered

I'm on my third Delve in four days. Each one has the same problem. When pairing bluetooth the phone freezes and restarts. I hear about every other word and calls are dropped. The TV on demand (Alltel) is stuck on one channel. Email still not working. I'm waiting to find out if there is a new fix in a few days. If not I'm changing models. The parts of the phone that work are nice, but I didn't buy half a phone. Does anyone know about product fixes or updates?

12. unregistered

This phone for US cellular is great but the only problem is cell reception is HORRIBLE. I dont know if it's just isolated to my phone but if they cant fix it I will be going back to the LG Glimmer.

13. unregistered

I love mine I got it threw us cellular and am satisfied beyond belief so much that everyone in my office and all of my family members are running out to get it as we speak

14. skaterbtg unregistered

well i dont have this phone quite yet but everyone i have known that has had it says its a great phone so overall im excited.!!:)

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