Samsung A737 for AT&T

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Samsung A737 for AT&T
In the recent months, Samsung climbed to the #2 position on the major cell-phone manufacturers’ scale. Definitely, the US market has influenced this as the Korean models are second in variety (after Motorola) among the top 5 US carriers. This is the reason many of our news are about Samsung phones, and this one is not an exception.

What we have is the first image and information on the Samsung SGH-A737 for AT&T. Unlike the A717 and A727 phones the #1 US carrier is currently offering, this one won’t be in Ultra Edition-like design, although it is a pretty slim slider. Unlike the models above, the A737 is in black-and-red housing which makes its overall look quite different. We are still unsure if the red circle on the front is a dial or just an illuminated 5-way D-pad. Next to it is a music-shortcut, tipping for the multimedia functionality. The display is a QVGA unit, and the phone is UMTS(and probably HSDPA)-capable. Still, there is no information on the camera, but we hope it will be a 3-megapixel auto-focus unit, as the European’s D900 and U600.

Expect more information as soon as we have some. If you can share any details, feel free to do it.

Thanks Tuolumne, our Samsung Inspector.



1. Anna unregistered

It's a cute. I got it yesterday. The only problem I'm having is that all I hear is static! I'll call someone and shortly after being on the phone, all I hear is static!

2. unregistered

alot of static and calls will not go through and miss alot of calls because phone dont always ring I've takin the phones back and got 2 new ones still the same thing will be returning them tomorrow for 2 different phones will not get the samsung a737 again

3. Brendan unregistered

Can somebody please tell me why I cannot find this phone in red anywhere??? All I find is Orange, Lime, and Blue. Is it only red in the European version or something? I saw one on ebay, but that was out of like 30. I went to two different AT&T stores, and they didn't have red. Somebody help me please.

4. kurt unregistered

Purchased two 737's on 11-20, both have issues with background noise and person on the other end hears an echo of their own voice about a 1/2 second later. Very annoying will probably take back and look at another model.

5. Bryan unregistered

I just got the phone yesterday in red (and yes red is hard to find) works great! awesome screen packed with features. I don't seem to have any problems static noise tho. works great for me!

6. unregistered

Radio Shack has it in red

7. Brendan unregistered

I know Radio Shack has it, but their version is crap, I want the AT&T version, I called their store the other day, and they know its coming out, but they didn't even tell me when.

8. ;) unregistered

radio shacks is way more expensive 2

9. shellie unregistered

we have the same problem as kurt does people on the other end hears a echo.

10. Jes unregistered

BRENDAN you can only get the red one at readio shack they only made it for that store

11. Jes unregistered

Ive heard that the static is really bad on other reviews 2, and i was going to get it 2morrow but i think that i am going to change my mind now!!!

12. Katy unregistered

It may sound like a silly question, but does the keypad's backlight color match the color of the phone? I can't tell from any of the pictures I've found.

13. Liam unregistered

I just boughtthe orange one today and the numbers mathch the orange on the phone's cover...its a pretty cool phone

14. HOT HOLLY unregistered


15. yo unregistered

i love this phone its so cuteeeeeee.

16. ms unregistered

I have this phone. I have had a lot of trouble with static. I called AT&T support, they told me what to do, and the static went away. Now it is back. My phone was a refurb, so my warranty is only for 90 days, which I think are gone. I will call again, though. I love the phone.

17. Ayyyyy unregistered

i hear an echo sometimes. i got mine in may and like i thot it was funny at first but it makes it impossible to talk. no static tho.

18. unregistered

this phone is garbage. the static is SO LOUD that it hurts my ear. it crackles ALL the time, no matter how many 'bars' i have. it's painful to talk on this phone. it didn't start doing it until after my warranty was up, so i'm basically screwed. do not ever buy this phone. it's cute but it's not worth the aggravation.

19. clutchxp unregistered

I purchased this phone yesterday as a replacement for my Pantech Impact, which quit working after two months. I have only had this Samsung phone for a day, but so far I am really liking it. The audio quality is clear. The screen is bright. It has a very low radiation level. It has physical send and end keys, which is a huge plus for me, considering that on the Pantech Impact it was hard to end a call on the touch sensitive key pad. The signal strength in my area has the maximum of five bars. I like how this phone slides and the keypad locks so that I don't accidentally call myself or anyone else. I love the red color and this phone is just what I'm looking for. I recommend this phone to others who are looking at getting a phone that has the main features on it, but not so many that it would make the phone run slow.

20. Mark Smith unregistered

Nice phone well designed and it also support 3G.

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