Samsung 5G test results in 1.2Gbps speed

Samsung 5G test results in 1.2Gbps speed
With U.S. carriers working on enhanced versions of their 4G LTE services, there are tests going on for 5G. That's the beauty of technology, it is always looking ahead. Right now, the turf war is still on as far as the standards for the next generation of wireless service is concerned. For example, Samsung is in the midst of testing its 5G entry. While in a stationary position, the company was able to achieve a mind-blowing data speed of 940Mbps (7.5Gbps). But how fast will Sammy's 5G service run while in motion?

On a racetrack, Samsung drove around at 62MPH while obtaining data speeds of 150Mbps over its 5G pipeline. Samsung's speed of 1.2Gbps made the company the first to achieve such a rate on an uninterrupted and stable basis. Samsung credits the 28GHz frequency for the amazing speed. Usually, that frequency means that the signal has only a short range, but Samsung says that thanks to "Hybrid Adaptive Array Technology," it is able to have this frequency available for longer distances.

There is still plenty of work left before 5G becomes available to consumers. Still, faster data speeds are something to look forward to. You can check out both tests for yourself by watching the video taken by Samsung during both trial runs. Simply click on the video below.

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source: Samsung via Engadget

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