Russians take "killer" selfies, and the government wants to stop that with its latest campaign

Russians take "killer" selfies, and the government wants to stop that with its latest campaign
In Russia, you don't take a selfie, the selfie takes you. As any self-respecting YouTube digger knows, Russia is the source of weird, interesting, and insanely dangerous footage. 

It turns out that the Russian government is well aware of the dangerous activities that Russians engage in just for that extra kick when taking a selfie, as official statistics show that, in 2015, no less than 10 deaths and 100 injuries resulted from people's ambitions to take a next-level selfie. In response, the government's latest campaign sets a set of ground rules for safe selfies.

Russia's safe selfie campaign warns the population not to take selfies in potentially dangerous contexts, such as those involving firearms, big animals, antennas on rooftops, and, you know, stuff that might get you harmed or even killed.

According to The Guardian, the Russian government's latest campaign was triggered by the fact that a 21-year-old Russian accidentally shot herself in the head this past May while taking a selfie with a weapon. There are also reports of a couple of young men who pulled the pin from a grenade to enhance a selfie, which led to their premature deaths.

Unfortunately, dangerous selfies are not a thing only in Russia, meaning that this latest campaign can turn out to provide a set of globally-acceptable ground rules for safe selfies. Hopefully, this campaign will educate people not to take unnecessary risks for the simple purpose of Facebook bragging rights. 

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