Russian manufacturer unveils explosion-proof feature phone

Russian manufacturer unveils explosion-proof feature phone
A Russian company called Zavod Goreltex manufacturers explosion-proof electrical equipment. According to Bloomberg, some of the equipment manufactured by the company includes terminal boxes, control cabinets, control panels, circuit breakers, switching stations, indication stations, light alarms, and sound-and-light alarms. And that is just a few of the explosion-proof products that the company produces.

In light of the explosions that caused the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to be recalled by the U.S. CPSC twice, Goreltex has introduced a new explosion-proof feature phone. The CTG-ST is an enhanced version of a previous handset made by the company. While the CTG-ST is explosion proof, it also is a rugged phone that is aimed at corporations.

The unit comes with a 2.2-inch screen with a resolution of 240 x 320, and has the MediaTek MT6260A chip under the hood. 1MB of internal memory is on board with a microSD slot for those seeking additional storage. A .3MP camera is found on back, and a 2500mAh battery keeps the lights on. The phone supports EDGE connectivity and has an IP67 certification rating. The device is made from rubber and fiberglass, and will survive drops from as high as 5.4 feet up. Pricing is unknown.

Obviously, the Goreltex CTG-ST is not a phone that most of you would choose to use, even if it was operational in your region. But for specific corporations in certain lines of work, this is a phone that their employees would be happy to own.

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