Root users get an easier way to access Jelly Bean multiple-user options

Root users get an easier way to access Jelly Bean multiple-user options
Earlier this month it was discovered that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has the beginnings of a multiple-user system built-in, and that the features could even be accessed with a bit of command line work. But now, there's a new app that adds a GUI interface to make the whole process much easier.

The app is called User Management, and obviously only works on Android 4.1, since the user management options didn't exist before that. It also requires root permissions in order to automate the terminal commands that get you all the goodies. The app makes it very easy to create new users, rename users, switch between profiles, and delete profiles. 

A bunch of users on the XDA forum post, and a few commenters on the Play Store listing do say that the app works overall, but we found it to be a bit buggy on both a GSM Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7. That's to be expected. And, of course the underlying multi-user system in Jelly Bean is fairly thin, so you may not realize the difference when you switch users at first. Essentially, all it does is create separate user data for the apps on your device. Still, it's a pretty cool thing to play around with, and maybe some entrepreneuring developers can make more out of it. 




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@OptimusOne I agree bb 10 is REALLY GREAT OS. But again, it is still its new born in the ecosystem so it is still needs time to welcome to compete head yo head to Android. IMHO, I still doubt WP 8 device has greatly improved from its -say- former WP 7 other than its shared kernel Windows OS, other than that all are still in rumour untill it is released. So for now, the trully fully greatly developed is still Android, as there are many official nor unofficial developers around the world, local nor international. So the next coming era is interesting, we got new born BB 10 and newly release WP 8 (WP 8 is greatly differ than WP 7 - CMIIW) while iOS only improved in hardware and drop-down notification -CMIIW- so i excluded iOS in this era (at least for tech geek not branded or ifan neither fandroid includ BBers), while Android had managed develop so refreshly new features for its multiple accounts management just like we found in Windows (98, XP, Vista. 7). So, whos offer best is the winner (I dont mention brand, except BB, I dunno should I call it RIM or just BB is enough? But BB 7 and BB 10 is the name of the OS, right?).

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Great development! Android more like mini pc capable. waiting for wp8 to release and shows up its capability. bb10 is a beggining and ios were still the s(h)ame. the only true power capabilities battle here are Android vs WP 8. Hope multi user soon officially implemented for the next version if Android before someone or something do patenting on this phone os capabilities. HURRY! I MEANT IT!!!

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it should be in 4.2 and blackberry 10 isn't so bad. I used it myself. Its really smooth and fast, and its pretty customizable with an awesome UI multitasking is awesome

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