Rising selfie deaths is a worldwide phenomenon

Rising selfie deaths is a worldwide phenomenon
According to a new report, 127 people have died while taking a selfie over the 29-month period that ended this past September. 60% of the deaths took place in India while 6.3% took place in the U.S. A selfie death is defined as the death of a person that would not have occurred had the deceased not been taking a selfie.

Overall, the study (released by Carnegie Mellon University and a pair of Indian Universities) found eight common factors involved in selfie deaths. They are height, water, height and water, train, weapons, vehicles, electricity and animals. Men were responsible for 76% of the selfie deaths even though women take more self portraits overall. 70% of the deceased were age 24 or younger, confirming that Millennials are the group most interested in snapping selfies in the first place. 

The report takes a mathematical and scientific look at trying to distinguish between a dangerous selfie and a non-dangerous one. You can click on the sourcelink to check that out. We think that using one's common sense is a better guide than looking at raw science to determine if the selfie you are shooting is safe. Obviously, taking a selfie while tightwalking on a shaky rail on the 36th floor of a building is not safe. Taking a selfie with a rattlesnake is also not wise. Use discretion and you probably will be able to live through all of the selfies that you take.

source: CarnagieMellon via NYPost

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