Rico: A Tale of Two Brothers is a great but surprisingly underrated platformer for Android and iOS

In a time when most mobile side scrolling games are either endless runners or other single-tap affairs, one must appreciate a good retro-flavored platformer with incredibly tight controls that lets you explore at your own pace, instead of incessantly pushing you forward.

Enter Rico: A Tale of Two Brothers – a precision platformer with retro graphics, fluid and fun gameplay, sprawling levels and satisfyingly responsive controls. Oh, and did we mention the soundtrack? It's pure 8-bit awesomeness that will keep you pumped all the way through this challenging adventure!

Unlike its charming presentation and excellent soundtrack, Rico's plot is your run-of-the-mill sibling rivalry/good versus evil affair and won't have you remembering it often while you jump, run, and fight your way through 32 challenging levels, spread over 4 worlds of pure, unadulterated retro goodness.

Another thing that Rico gets right is touchscreen controls. The titular main character responds so swiftly, so effortlessly to your inputs, that you might just forget you are playing on a device without physical buttons. Really, the control scheme is very well thought-out. While the virtual buttons are visually small in size, they have large active zones, which helps minimize the chances of making a mistake and negates the need to constantly reposition your fingers so you can hit this or that button in just the right way.

Having said all this, it's a mystery to us why Rico isn't more popular. It has a free demo version with a world worth of levels to get hooked on (that's 8 stages), while the full version costs $3.77. The game has been out for 4 years and its full version has been downloaded just around a thousand times on Google's Play Store! This is especially strange when considering its developer, IMakeGames, is also the one behind popular exploratory platformer Nub's Adventure.

If you grew up playing Nintendo and Sega games in the late 80s, early 90s, then, by all means, you should try the free demo version of Rico. Links after the break.

Download Rico: A Tale of Two Brothers

Android / iOS


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