Ricky Gervais spills his soul on technology: “I love anything with ‘i’ at the start of it”

Ricky Gervais spills his soul on technology: “I love anything with ‘i’ at the start of it”
Ricky Gervais is not your usual tech insider, but if his experience at the British edition of The Office counts, he should know something about technology. Not much, but something, as he himself notes: “In one respect I have to call an assistant to turn the telly on, but in another I’m a gadget guru. I just love them, and I fit into the 80/20 thing, namely that I’m one of the 80% who uses only 20% of what an iPod, iMac, iPad, iPhone is for.”

The excerpt comes from an interview Gervais gave for British tech blog Electric Pig. Actually, the comedian managed to completely ignore Android and pretty much fit in the role of an Apple fanboy: “I love anything with ‘i’ at the start of it – the iPod, the iMac, the iPad. And when you get to the iPhone – that’s just an incredible work of art.”

No wonder about his opinion - Ricky Gervais has enjoyed 216 millions downloads of his iTunes podcast which he says he records in a room with three old mics and some foam. “I don’t think it will be long before someone makes the first movie shot on an iPhone,” he added.

But finally it's technology in general that never ceases to amaze the comedian who confesses to “have a pile of iMacs that resembles a computer graveyard.” He sums it all up in just a couple of words: “I don’t know how we lived before the mobile phone. … How did we ever plan anything?” But do we even remember those times? Feel free to share the way you feel phones have changed your life in the comments below.

source: ElectricPig

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