Revisit the wonderful world of Valve's Portal with Bridge Constructor Portal

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Valve's Portal is a beloved game, which broke the mold by being an FPS puzzle game with awesome mechanics, sense of humor, and mysterious world. The second title further expanded on the story and world and enriched the puzzle mechanics further. The third game... eh... Valve doesn't count to 3, remember?

Well, maybe with some outside help, it can at least count to 2 and 1/2. A teaser for a new game has just popped up on the Internet. It's called Bridge Constructor Portal and it puts you right back in Aperture Labs, together with GLaDOS who has decided to run tests in vehicle-based test chambers because... well, why not? The game is actually a spin-off of Bridge Constructor — a 2013 title that isn't a huge hit, but has its share of fans.

It's a 2.5D platform puzzle, where you will have build bridges to get a bunch of trucks from point A to point B. You have to avoid traps, pits, turrets, and anything else that GLaDOS has in store for you by employing the famous Portal gun and other items from the previously established Aperture Labs universe. You also have to make sure that your bridges are well-built and won't fall apart... well, to be honest, it's kind of fun to watch them crumble in the original Bridge Constructor, so... you know — we might run some rigged tests for scientific purposes!

Bridge Constructor Portal is expected to come out in two weeks, on the 20th of December, for PC, Android, and iOS.

source: Headup Games

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