Retro PC RPG Little Big Adventure comes to iOS devices, Android to follow soon


Little Big Adventure is anaction-adventure role-playing game that was originally released on PCway back in 1994. Now, the time has come to take it out of the dirtycloset, blow the dust off, and present it on the future generation'siOS devices (and Android, soon). We admit that we haven't played thisold gem, but we say, if one's able to still make money from somethingmade 20 years ago, then it must have been a fine product, no?

In LBA, you'll play as Twinsen, a youngman living on Citadel Island under dictator Dr. FunFrock's reign.This must be one fun dictatorship! Anyway, Twinsen has been havingstrange dreams in which his planet is about to be destroyed, and Dr.FunFrock doesn't find them particularly fun, which is why he throwsour protaginst in an insane asylum. As Twinsen, you’ll need toescape from your cell and discover you are a descendant of a longline of magicians... and, maybe, go to Hogwarts and battle Voldemortand the Death Eaters? Probably not, as they weren't around in 1994.

Anyway, the iOS port of LBA is madewith special attention towards the touch-screen platform. The game isretooled with new touch-controls, additional tutorials, a zoomfeature, an automatic save system, and localizations in fivelanguages English, French, German, (voices and text) - Italian andSpanish (text only, voices in English). In addition, the game is saidto contain over 15 hours of content, which is a mighty lot for amobile title.

Little Big Adventure is already out inNew Zealand. It should be available in other parts of the globe soon.Keep an eye on the App Store in the meantime.

Download Little Big Adventure: iOS

via PocketGamer

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