Results: which upcoming phone are you most excited about?


Well, we survived the Nokia 8 announcement event and are ready to plunge head-first into the second half of the year — it's big phone season! The announcements of such colossi as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the Apple iPhone 8, the Google Pixel 2LG V30, and Sony Xperia XZ1, is just behind the corner, and even with so many leaks about them, we are still excited to see what surprises may lurk unrevealed.

Each new phone has a lot to live up to. The LG V30 has gotten rid of the ticker display and replaced it with a software module, and is also rumored to come with some amazing features for videographers. The Galaxy Note 8 has a lot of bad stigma to go up against — the Note 7's heritage is a cloud of black smoke, still visible just over the horizon. The iPhone 8 is, supposedly, going to have a brand-new, all-screen-front design and we are just bursting with impatience to see what Apple will do with TouchID. The Pixel 2 will, allegedly, get HTC's squeeze feature, and we are really, really curious to see what Google plans to do with it. And then we have the new Xperia... which is kind of more of the same.

We thought we'd ask you which of these you're most excited about. Well, here's how that went down!

Which upcoming phone are you most excited about?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
LG V30
Sony Xperia XZ1
Apple iPhone 8 (and/or 7s)
Google Pixel 2
I'm equally excited to see them all, really

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