Google Pixel 2 visits the FCC with Android 8.0.1, Active Edge and SD-835 on board

Google Pixel 2 visits the FCC with Android 8.0.1, Active Edge and SD-835 on board
The Google Pixel 2 has been certified by the FCC. Based on documentation found on the FCC website, it appears that the Pixel 2 will once again be built by HTC. The latter has its name all over the FCC filing. The paperwork also reveals that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will have a feature similar to the Edge Sense that is used on the HTC U11. With this feature, users can squeeze both sides of the phone together to open apps, control certain functions (like snap a picture, for example) and more. The FCC leak indicates that on the Pixel, this will be known as "Active Edge."

Based on some leaked screenshots that allegedly belong to the Pixel 2, the handset will come with Android 8.0.1 pre-installed. In addition, the FCC will use the Electronic version of its labeling system on the phone. By the way, if you look at the "System" screenshot under Languages, input and gestures, it reads "Active Edge on, squeeze for your Assistant." Thus, Pixel 2 users will be able to activate Google Assistant by squeezing the sides of the device. And if you look closely, you'll find that the navigation buttons on the screenshots are exclusive to Pixel handsets.

The screenshots also reveal that with 21% of native storage free, 50GB of native storage remained available. That could indicate that the Pixel 2 will ship with a base model containing 64GB of native storage, not 32GB like last year. And under Baseband version it reads mw8998 which tells us that the chipset being employed on the phone is the Snapdragon 835.

Several  documents show a model number of GO11A. That model number recently showed up on the Wi-Fi Alliance for a new HTC handset receiving its Wi-Fi Certification. Not 100% proof, but it does fit with the premise that an HTC built Pixel 2 will be unveiled shortly.

source: FCC, Reddit

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