Results: we love new phones, don't we?

Results: we love new phones, don't we?
There are so many new phone models coming out nowadays, they are basically tripping over each other. And while the tech is sort of matured, there are still enough developments and upgrades to make you feel like your handset is getting old just 6 months after the model had hit the market. So, for an enthusiast, it's usually a hard task to keep your wallet closed when the next shiny phone comes out.

But there are also those that have immense zen skills... or have other life stuff to take care of before being able to afford the next superphone that they itch for so much. We thought we'd ask our readers — how old is your current phone? Here's how that poll went:

How old is your current (main) phone?

0 - 6 months old
6 - 12 months old
12 - 24 months old
24 - 36 months old
As ancient as Luke's lightsaber and good character development



1. Techlover2018

Posts: 80; Member since: Jul 14, 2017

Haven't expected the 24-36 month percentage will be such high.

2. Nathan_ingx

Posts: 4769; Member since: Mar 07, 2012

I am one of them.

3. miketer

Posts: 527; Member since: Apr 02, 2015

Me too, with my Lumia 1520 & BB Passport. Last December, I bought a Google Pixel 2016, brand new, 128 GB, for a bargain price...I presume.. $399/-. I'm enjoying it :)

6. makatijules

Posts: 835; Member since: Dec 11, 2017

Those are all holders of Android phones. Because they haven't been slowed down, and newer models don't really offer anything worth upgrading too. If you have an S6, the S7 or S8 is not that huge of a difference, other than size. The S6 has a very good camera, its fast, it offered a 128GB model, and the edge design to me is better than the one on the S7 or S8. Sony's phones have remained virtually unchanged and LG phones before the V20/30 are good enough for most I guess. Buying a phone every year now is just underwhelming.

12. Arch_Fiend

Posts: 3951; Member since: Oct 03, 2015

I'll have had my phone for 25 months come February and I have a 6s plus. My phone"s battery health is as good as ever and no slow downs.

25. HansP

Posts: 542; Member since: Oct 16, 2011

25 months on an iPhone? You have my condolences. The clock must be moving backwards on that device by now. :)

23. oakparkplastics

Posts: 19; Member since: Jun 04, 2012

@makatijules. Exactly. Underwhelming and a waste of money.

11. Arch_Fiend

Posts: 3951; Member since: Oct 03, 2015

Come February I'll be in that category.

14. lyndon420

Posts: 6823; Member since: Jul 11, 2012

I'm one of them. Typically I only upgrade when I break my screen... hasn't happened in a while.

8. ecdye

Posts: 4; Member since: Nov 24, 2015

My last phone was a Nexus 5 and I used it as a phone for a little more than four years. Now I use it as a wifi gadget and I'm writing this note on it. As a phone I replaced it with an lg g5 because I like the replaceable battery and SD card, but I do wish the g5 were as small as the Nexus 5.

9. ecdye

Posts: 4; Member since: Nov 24, 2015

And oh yeah, I like and use the wireless charging on the Nexus 5. You can get a wireless charging antenna on eBay for USB-C phones for a couple of bucks and I did get one for the g5. It fits invisibly under the case and works fine, but I now mostly use a magnetic quick-connect cable, which gives faster charging and also doesn't wear out the USB socket.

10. dmomintz

Posts: 68; Member since: Jan 21, 2016

Galaxy S6 Active still going strong with excellent battery life and fantastic camera.

13. Einstein333

Posts: 146; Member since: May 22, 2012

For ecological reasons it is not wise to change your device every 24 months! And it is really not necessary! Those phones work perfectly for years!

15. domfonusr

Posts: 1087; Member since: Jan 17, 2014

I beg to differ. You will probably berate me for having gotten a phone with only 8GB of ROM, but almost two years ago that is what I did. And I was coming from a phone with 4GB of ROM that I had gotten three years before, so I figured I was staying ahead of the curve... but no! My Moto E 2nd Gen has too little ROM for my usage now. Android apps all seem to start out small, but over the course of two years, the apps have ballooned in size, and now I can only fit my most important seven apps on my phone ROM, with the assistance of an ancient (think Class 2) 16GB microSD card. Facebook app alone is a half a gigabyte, Messenger and the LDS Gospel Library are each another 300-400MB. I used to be able to fit twenty or more apps in the same space (4.98GB available to the user), and I have to clear the cache and old data every couple of days now in order for the phone to get app updates and keep running. Also, the WiFi shuts itself off at random every other day, as well, and won't restart until I power-cycle the phone, which is annoying. The Moto E has been a great phone overall for the past 20 or so months, but now it has become just a little on the unbearable side. Where twenty or more apps used to take up 3.4GB total, now just the seven that are left take up over 3.9GB, and now the cache grows to over 400MB in just one to two days without me doing anything (it did not do that before, at least up until a couple of months ago). So, I would say that I'm lucky the phone made it this long (I only spent $30 on it), and I'm going to spend roughly about the same amount for what I'm getting next, so I am hoping for another two years out of the next one. Sure, there are ecological considerations one must take into account, but I'm not going to let that stop me from getting something that works properly and has more space on it.

31. Einstein333

Posts: 146; Member since: May 22, 2012

Then maybe you should consider spending a little more for your next smartphone and buy one that lasts a little longer. My current phone is more than 3 years old. It was a flagship device and it still works perfectly. I'm afraid that environmental protection is not always for free...

32. domfonusr

Posts: 1087; Member since: Jan 17, 2014

I don't have the disposable income yet to be spending anything more, perhaps you would rather that I simply not have any phones?

17. Jrod99

Posts: 758; Member since: Jan 15, 2016

As long as 6s plus keep going. Doing 3 years. Note 3 for a back up although some what slow now.

19. makatijules

Posts: 835; Member since: Dec 11, 2017

I think if people wait every 24 to 36 months to buy a phone, then they will actually get a substantial upgrade. Upgrading every year gets you nothing. But as long as you can sell your phone a year later for at least 50% its retail cost, then you will be fine. You just wont be getting all that great of a device the very next year.

21. plasteek

Posts: 265; Member since: Jun 07, 2015

Don't think your old smartphones are slower than before just because you buy a new and faster ...

26. HansP

Posts: 542; Member since: Oct 16, 2011

I used to be the type who upgraded my phone more than once a year. Then I started thinking, what do I _really_ use my phone for compared to my PC? Since then I've stuck to the 24-ish month contract upgrade cycle.

27. makatijules

Posts: 835; Member since: Dec 11, 2017

Me too. One year I switch from the S6 to the Note 5 and back to the S6 edge and then back to the Note 5. I hated the Note 5 vs the 4 which I also didn't like all that much. Then because of the Note 7, I had to get an S8+, but switched to the Note 8 once it came out. Even though Samsung with Smart Switch, make moving from one Galaxy to another very easy, it is still time consuming as there are still things you have to put back, like all the accounts and email accounts if you don't use their built-in email app. For my phone sits always a near 3 hour process Unless Samsung does something totally wicked with the Note 9, I will just hold on to the 8's until the Note 10 is available. But to be honest, I don't see the S10 or the Note 10 being all that much of a major upgrade over what the 9's will bring. There just isn't enough new tech appearing these days. I think smartphones have reached their pinnacle of capability.

28. ebfields

Posts: 29; Member since: Apr 13, 2013

My Mate 9 still going strong except for the cracked screen. I'm still good for now.

30. Nobias23

Posts: 64; Member since: Jul 17, 2017

I switch up a lot. I'm a tech enthusiast. I love apple and android.

33. zenun12

Posts: 205; Member since: Oct 31, 2016

My Galaxy S4 LTE-A is still fine for rips through some demanding games(but frame stutters are a bit noticeable) but the only downside right now is the dismal battery life caused by the never replaced battery. SD800 really makes a difference in the long run over the SD600.

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