Results: the next time you buy a smartphone, are you buying the same brand as you have now?

Results: the next time you buy a smartphone, are you buying the same brand as you have now?
In 2017 there are so many smartphone manufacturers out there that if one were to venture out and try all of their products, it could take them a few months or even a year. Well, through cut-throat competition and heavy marketing, a few have built themselves up as the most popular or most recognizable names to go to, but there's still plenty of choice. And while, sure, the two main operating systems we have are iOS and Android, the latter's customizability allows for manufacturers to do crazy modifications to the software and differentiate themselves.

So, it's easy to stick with a brand if you like your current phone, but there are so many products out there that we are sure many would be tempted to veer off and test them out the next time they upgrade. Others might be disgruntled by their current smartphone and eagerly waiting for the right time to jump ship. And, of course, many are perfectly happy with their brand and will continue to stick with it as long as it doesn't betray their trust. We decided to run a poll on the topic, see how you guys feel about your current phone brands of choice. Here's how that went: 

The next time you buy a smartphone, are you changing brand?

Yep! Just want to try something different.
Oh, yes! So mad at my current phone...
Nope, happy with my brand!


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