Results: poll says we rarely get to enjoy our glass phones


So, flagships nowadays will very often have glass backs. One reason for that is the wireless charging feature, which is slowly becoming a standard. The second is simply for the bling.

Every smartphone fan has their opinion on glass backs, but we think it's fair to say that the community has a love-hate relationship with the material. It looks great, it feels luxurious but gathers grease faster than a burger restaurant's kitchen tiles. Some don't mind as they use the device with a case anyway. Others will slap a “skin” on the phone and forget about the glass back. There are those that still love to use their phone “naked” and will vigorously wipe their fingerprints off its back a few times a day to keep it looking pristine.

We thought we'd ask you — how do you care for your glossy device's back? Here's how that poll went:

How do you care for your phone's glass back?

I mostly use mine with a case, so...
I slapped a skin on that slippery snake!
I use mine "naked" and wipe it often to keep it clean
I use mine "naked" and don't care about finger smudges
I don't have a glass-backed phone and would rather never buy one

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