Results: fingerprint scanner is best scanner

Results: fingerprint scanner is best scanner
Samsung was well ahead of the curve with last year's Galaxy Note 7 and its iris scanner. We won't be talking about how far ahead it was with its evaporating phone tech, OK?

Back to the iris scanning — it is now a mainstay in all Samsung top-tier phones and it may or may not make its way down to the upper-midrange Galaxy A phones. In the meantime, Apple is off doing its own thing with Face ID and other manufacturers are still unsure which direction to go.

But, unlike Apple, Samsung doesn't like to remove features and kept the fingerprint scanner on its phones, despite giving it a weird placement. So, we decided to ask you — do you still prefer that finger unlock or has the iris scanner long become your favorite mode of unlocking? Here's how that poll went:

What do you use more often: Iris scanner or Fingerprint scanner?

Fingerprint scanner - oldschool is best!
An even mix of both
Iris scanner - it turned out great!

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