Report claims new component suppliers for the Apple iPhone 5

Report claims new component suppliers for the Apple iPhone 5
Chinese-language newspaper Economic Daily News is reporting that Apple has selected "a handful" of new suppliers to provide components for the Apple iPhone 5. Among Apple's new vendors will be Foxconn and Foxlink. The former will now deliver the iPhone 5's earphone replacing Japanese company Foster, while the latter will be supplying the next iPhone's earphone jack socket.

Changing suppliers for such a small part of the phone might sound trivial, but with the Japanese Yen rising against other currencies in foreign exchange markets, switching to firms located in Taiwan and China can significantly reduce Apple's cost of parts.

While Apple is "selling everything we can make," COO Tim Cook says in reference to the iPhone 4, rumors have started about what new features might be found on the next version of the device. Some of the speculation includes a FaceTime that would work over 3G and a dual-core processor.

With Verizon about to launch its version of the Apple iPhone on February 10th, there are questions about how Apple will work Big Red into the usual summer release of the latest iPhone model. Many analysts believe that when the Apple iPhone 5 launches-most likely this June or July-it will be a GSM version only for AT&T with a CDMA variant ready for Verizon next January. Some feel that this is being done by Apple to lessen the sting to AT&T of the carrier's loss of exclusivity for the device. Another possible reason to stagger the release of the next iPhone would be to give Verizon customers more than just 6 months with the Apple iPhone 4 before a new model is available.

source: eWEEK

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