Report: Improvements seen with Voice-over-LTE and battery performance

Report: Improvements seen with Voice-over-LTE and battery performance
A cursory examination of voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) by Spirent Communications last autumn revealed what many of us already suspected about running voice services over LTE, the battery life is compromised heavily

However, Spirent has continued to perform in-depth testing of VoLTE, using MetroPCS’ network.  MetroPCS is currently the only carrier in the US to offer service supporting voice-over-LTE. Since Spirent's last round of testing, MetroPCS introduced a second device supporting VoLTE, enabling Spirent to see if the newer hardware, the LG Spirit 4G, is able to handle voice-over-LTE more efficiently than the carrier's first VoLTE device, the LG Connect 4G.

As one might expect, the manufacturers (or LG in this case) are making marked improvements in power consumption not only in the native performance of the hardware itself, but how the device manages power demand when using the network. Spirent conduced a new series of tests in Dallas, Texas on the MetroPCS network, and while VoLTE is still not providing the same battery life as traditional circuit-switched voice on the incumbent CDMA network, the improvements were sizable.

The new architecture in the LG Spirit 4G, which incorporates a single chip-set for the CDMA and LTE processing, enabled better than 35% less power demand on the new hardware versus the previous generation LG Connect 4G. That translates to more time away from the charging cable which is also due, in part, to the larger battery on the LG Spirit 4G. Spirent also tested the devices using Skype’s VoIP application and saw an improvement of less power demand on the new device.

This new round of tests is timely since the carriers will certainly embrace VoLTE as the mobile hardware advances and the network efficiency improves. “We conducted this second round of VoLTE battery performance tests to gain some understanding of whether recent technology advances have helped decrease battery drain and improve capacity for VoLTE calls,” according to Spirent’s Vice President of Wireless, Nigel Wright.

source: Spirent Communications

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