Report: Google's MVNO to launch April 22nd?

Report: Google's MVNO to launch April 22nd?
A report published on Tuesday indicates that Google's wireless service could debut as soon as tomorrow. A previous leak hinted that Google will allow users to pay for only the amount of data they use each month. A recent study suggests that smartphone users waste $16 worth of data that expires each month. Some carriers like T-Mobile with its Data Stash, and AT&T with Rollover Minutes, allow users to push unused data into the future (one month for AT&T users and up to twelve months for T-Mobile subscribers).

Google's service will use Sprint and T-Mobile's networks and the only phone being offered to subscribers is the Nexus 6 phablet manufactured by Motorola. The phone will be able to switch between the T-Mobile and Sprint networks, giving users the opportunity to use whichever carrier has the strongest signal at any given time. Like other hybrid carriers like FreedomPop and Republic Wireless, subscribers to Google's service will use a mixture of Wi-Fi connectivity and cellular networks.

While Google is planning to offer its wireless service as a small experiment and isn't looking to disrupt the industry, the truth is that depending on how the tech titan prices its service, and the features it offers, Google could turn out to be more influential than it wants to be. It isn't for altruistic reasons that Google is doing this. As more consumers go online, more use Google services like YouTube and Google Maps. That allows the company to charge more for online ads.

If Google does launch its new wireless service tomorrow, we should soon be hearing all about how much talk, text and data plans will cost. Keep checking in right here and when the news breaks, we'll pass it along to you.

source: WSJ

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