Report: Apple is investigating a pair of exploding iPhone 6s Plus units

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not the only smartphone that has had problems with explosions. Recently, a number of iPhone units have caught on fire including an Apple iPhone 7 Plus, an Apple iPhone 7 and a pair of Apple iPhone 6s Plus models. According to a report published today, Apple is now investigating the explosions dealing with the iPhone 6s Plus.

The explosion that rocked the iPhone 6s Plus belonging to Yvette Estrada took place overnight. "I heard a sizzling, then we heard the pop and the whole fire was coming out of the screen," Estrada said. Acting quickly, her husband threw the flaming handset into a sink of water which defused the situation. The phone got so hot that it burned two Apple Watch stands on the dresser.

The other incident reportedly under investigation by Apple is one that saw an iPhone 6s Plus explode while inside a student's back pants pocket in the middle of a classroom. The student, Darin Hlavaty said that the battery was dead at the time, and the phone was not plugged in.

Apple will no doubt take a public relations hit for the exploding iPhone units. But something darker lurks underneath. When Ms. Estrada spoke with Apple about her exploding iPhone 6s, the tech titan offered her a new charger, replacements for the two Apple Watch stands that were destroyed, and a new iPhone 6s. Apple told her that she could upgrade to the Apple iPhone 7 if she pays for the upgrade. Not a smart move there, fellows. You should be trying to smooth things over with the person who was nearly maimed or killed by your product. Otherwise, the amount of money you're asking her to pay to upgrade to an iPhone 7 will be multiplied by a factor of (insert very large number) in court.

source: BGR, ABC30

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