Redesigned Apple iPhone 5 earphones show horse head-like appearance

Redesigned Apple iPhone 5 earphones show horse head-like appearance
You would have to be living on a far away island with no radio, television, internet, newspaper or telephone not to know that the 6th generation of the Apple iPhone is expected to be unveiled on September 12th. We've also seen a number of mock-ups of the phone, put together by assembling leaked parts. One video that was released on Saturday purportedly revealed the real Apple iPhone 5 until it was discovered that the model number and FCC ID number on the back both belonged to the Apple iPhone 3GS.

Still. we now have a pretty good idea of what to expect on the 12th of this month when Tim Cook shows off the new design of Apple's smartphone with a larger screen, a faster processor, a smaller dock connector and a new location for the earphone jack. And actually, it is the latter that we want to discuss. A video on a Vietnamese site claims to show the redesigned earphones that will come in the box with the redesigned phone. The wire on the new earphones say that they were designed by Apple in California and assembled in Vietnam. The site goes on to say that the earphones look like they won't come apart like earbuds and that they resemble horse heads.

Vietnam has seen some legit Apple iPhone leaks in recent years, so while we would advise you to take these leaks with the proverbial leaks with a grain of salt until the phone is introduced, there could be a reason to believe that the earphones for the Apple iPhone 5 will look exactly like what you see in the video.
source: Tinhte (translated) via AppleInsider

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