Reddit's Android and iOS apps are getting a big update today

Today, Reddit is launching a massive update to their mobile apps for Android and iOS. We will give you a quick rundown of the new features. 

Many of the new features are for moderators. 'Mod Mode' allows moderators to approve, remove, and flag content in their communities. 'Mod Queue' is a powerful tool that will allow mods to take mass action on posts, making the task of moderating large communities easier. Knowing how fast communities can turn from small scale to viral, Reddit added a tool so that moderators can create new moderators for their communities, and add or remove approved submitters. 

'Theater Mode' is Reddit's way of acknowledging the importance of images to communities. This new mode allows users to view photos and videos in full screen. 

Sorry Android users, iOS is getting a few extra features this time. 'Live Comments' gives Reddit a Twitter-like feel by displaying new comments instantly, making television premieres and sports games easier to discuss in real time. iOS users can also set Safari as their default browser in the app for viewing external links. 'Chat' is a new feature that allows redditors to interact with each other one-on-one or in groups. 

The Android app is getting the 'Comment Speed Read Button' which used to be iOS specific, but proved so popular that Reddit has brought it to Android as well. With it, you can move quickly between the top level comments, skipping over the sub-comments, so that you can read the discussion quicker.

Original Posts (OPs) are getting in-feed usernames so that the original poster gets the credit of having posted it first. Previously, when posts were reposted, the OP was not credited. 

Reddit is taking strides to embrace a mobile-first world, and one of those is bringing the Trophy Case to mobile. Now users can see what others have accomplished, and will see the infamous Cake icon on users' profile pictures when they are celebrating their anniversary of joining Reddit.

In the past, Reddit has had difficulty in adding 'Post Flair' to mobile. But with the latest update, those hurdles have been leaped, and 'Post Flair' is a feature of the mobile apps. This allows redittors to place icons or additional material next to their username. 

This is the first major update to the Reddit mobile apps since their launch in 2016. The mobile experience is now much closer to what it is on the desktop, and that goes to show how committed Reddit is to ensuring a strong future for redittors who are joining the site for the first time via mobile. Looking to the future, hopefully Reddit will bring the current iOS specific features to Android soon, so that everyone can enjoy them. 


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