Readius phone with rollable display to be released soon

Readius phone with rollable display to be released soon
Polymer Vision, a Dutch company, which has earned the title of “The Rollable Display Company”, has managed to design and put in production the world’s first cell phone with a folding 5” display. The name of the new devise is Readius and it gives the public a hint about its character. The phone combines the “reading friendly” strengths of e-readers with the “high mobility” features of cell phones. Its battery is optimized for 30 reading hours with one charge and the tri-band 3G HSDPA support allows global roaming. At 4.05 oz (115g), the Readius is user friendly (8 buttons only) and has a microSD slot for all your music (mp3), e-books and podcasts. The phone is not yet on the market, but Polymer Vision is in a process of talking to carriers and retailers. We will keep you updated for any news and additional info on the Readius.

source: PolymerVision via: Reuters



1. Christopher Cox unregistered

So it seems like the end of the screen flips up, while the rest roll in. While cool in concept, its use as a mobile phone will be accepted by few. To see my content I have to flip part of the screen down, then pull it out first? Most people who use their mobile phones want quick access to their stuff on the go, not have to fiddle with a screen each time. I seriously doubt this thing will go very far.

2. Zapper unregistered

This is the first of a totally new generation PDA's. Try to get this concept-car. It will be a collectors item.

3. unregistered

from "beyond tommorow" to a cell phone.. electronic paper is gonna change the world ! While I doubt this phone will be a huge smash, I can definatly see its uses. Now if only they can get our magazine subscriptions to automatically post to that.. that would be worth a buy!

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