RadioShack throws the switch on for BlackBerry PlayBook pre-orders

RadioShack throws the switch on for BlackBerry PlayBook pre-orders
Inching ever closer to its inevitable launch, we’ve already seen a variety of retailers, like Staples in US and Sears Canada, providing customers the option to fetch pre-orders for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Following suit, we now find long time electronics retailer RadioShack doing the same thing as they’ve given the green lights for pre-orders on RIM’s tablet. Throwing down a decent $500 will get you a pre-order, but considering that its official launch date is April 19th, you may want to consider picking up a pre-order to guarantee yourself one on day one. But then again, you can always count your luck and head into stores on launch day to hopefully snatch one.

So if you’ve been drooling over the PlayBook since you first feasted your eyes on it, then maybe it’s a good idea to click the source link so you can impress your friends come the 19th.

source: RadioShack via BGR

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3. madcustomer unregistered

I bought a cell phone from radio shack in Wentzville, MO a Nokia Nuron on the 13th of April. After 3weeks I started having problems with the phone because answering button wouldn't respond sometimes and also people would not be able to hear me. The attended at the shop tried the phone and he said it was working fine so he can not give me a replacement or a new phone. Just as I had mentioned to him earlier I told him once again that the it wasn't doing that all the time. I took my phone and went back home. A week later anyone who called me could completely not hear me at all. I called the manager and he told me that I would have to bring in the phone and they would have to try it and it doesn't work in the shop they will give me a refund and if it doesn't they can not do anything about it. Around 7:30pm I went to the shop to return the phone and the other employee I had talked to the last Wednesday was there with another employee. I told him the phone wasn't working and he said that his manager had told him not to try the phone but just give me my refund. He said he did not have enough cash therefore they were going to issue me a check from their cooperate office. I told him I had a problem with that because I need a phone right away since my kids have seizures and don't have a landline phone I needed my phone for emergency. I explained to him that I don't have money to buy another phone while I waited for the check that would take bout a week to two weeks to come in the mail. I also told him I would take a another phone for replacement or I would have to have cash so I can buy another phone. He refused all this and I told him I wasn't going to leave the shop until they close. He called the police and the police came. I explained to them what had happened and the policeman said I had to leave because they said I had to. I refused and they arrested me and put me in jail. I posted a $100.00 bond and got out after 4hrs. The following day I called their cooperate office and their administrator said she will look into the matter. Since I needed my phone desperately I went to Chesterfield Mall Radio Shack where they tried the phone and found out that it wasn't working and replaced it. Around 4:30 their cooperate administrator called me saying I can now go back to the shop in Wentzville because they now have enough cash to give me my refund back and I told her I already had a replacement from Chesterfield Mall. I could not believe that they could not give me a replacement and they had to call the police on me. I wasn't yelling or screaming or anything. All I said was I wasn't leaving without a replacement or my cash back. I strongly recommend people to use other shops like best buy and I will never shop at Radio Shack ever again. The whole situation was absurd and I think Radio Shack need to do a better job at recruiting their managers and employees.

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