RIM takes out the big guns; will attempt to “stomp the competition”

RIM takes out the big guns; will attempt to “stomp the competition”
As our loyal readers already know, RIM unveiled a trio of Blackberry devices in attempt to catch up with the big boys in the smartphone race. The devices were greeted with applause by the 'Berry fans throughout the nation, and even some users of other platforms might have had their attention caught by RIM's shiny new offerings. However, could this be the beginning of a scheme with proportions much bigger than the naked eye can see?

According to a leaked document that was pushed under the door of the guys from BerryReview, RIM is getting ready for “Operation: Disruptive Transformation”, and we can reassure you that this is not the name of an upcoming action-packed flick. Instead, this appears to be the title of a major operating plan, which if followed, might help transform RIM from the struggling maker of boring phones it appears to be now to the flourishing company it once was.

Stomping the competition is what the plan is all about, and a step to getting there would be changing RIM's image to a forward-thinking, consumer-friendly company, that is also percieved as “cool”, or whatever Mr. Lazaridis' understanding of that term is supposed to be. Creating “unique services, subscriptions and strategic partnerships” is another goal that RIM will likely be aiming for, yet we can only guess how that is going to work out beyond the scope of forward-looking statements. The “make it cool” theme seems to be predominant in the leaked document, which is rather surprising considering the fact that BlackBerry smartphones are perceived as devices tailored for company executives and not necessarily for skateboarders with sunglasses. Or could it all have something to do with that “transformation” thing we just mentioned?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and give your estimates on RIM succeeding in its alleged cunning plan.

source: BerryReview

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