RIM seeks patent for an 'Adaptive roadside billboard system...'

RIM seeks a patent for an 'Adaptive roadside billboard system...'
Among the mess of patent filings are two from RIM regarding adaptive electronic billboards. Although this seems like a random allocation of their R&D efforts, they might be on to something.
The LED billboards that we use now are flawed in that they present set types of ads despite varying conditions. RIM proposes that they could use their devices' GPS systems to determine the vehicles' speed, and tailor the ads accordingly. This means that while traffic is at a standstill, drivers would be presented with more text on the ad, whereas normally flowing traffic would cue brief ads.

There is also a patent filing for adaptive pedestrian billboards. This one might actually be more exciting, because it could mean individually customized ads, like those seen in Minority Report which recognized the customer on sight (or by their device in the case of RIM). This is pure speculation but you can't blame us for hoping.

source: Unwired View

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