RIM said to be working on QNX powered Superphone as its 'Hail Mary' pass

RIM said to be working on QNX powered Superphone as its 'Hail Mary' pass
You have to wonder if desperation turns phone developers into geniuses. With time running out on Palm, thePalm Pre is introduced at CES in January 2009 along with webOS. Motorola also is about to be a name of the past but the company pulls the Motorola DROID out of its hat and the Android Invasion begins. Nokia, dropping to third from its perch at number one in the global smartphone rankings, where it sat for 14 years, introduces the MeeGo powered Nokia N9 to applause. Now comes RIM with a stock making new lows, executives leaving the company, and earnings below expectations, needing a miracle. And yes, BlackBerry fans, there could be a miracle in the making.

According to sources for N4BB, RIM has stopped production of a 10 inch PlayBook and instead, is developing a QNX powered 'Superphone'. This model is expected to have a 4.3 inch screen with resolution of "900+", although we're not really sure what that should mean. Under the hood will be the same single-core 1.2GHz processor that will be in the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900. RIM had considered a dual-core processor to be a battery killer, although it is not too late for them to change up to a dual-core chip. Sound good? With a 10 inch BlackBerry PlayBook said to no longer be worked on, RIM will push out the 4G LTE version of its 7 inch PlayBook in October, according to the source.

BlackBerry fans have been hoping that a QNX powered phone would be coming soon. And now, as the clock ticks down to a precious few seconds, here is another manufacturer throwing a Hail Mary pass with the game on the line.

source: N4BB via Engadget

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