RIM extending BBM Music trial to 4 months

RIM extending BBM Music trial to 4 months
RIM’s new subscription-based streaming service, BBM Music, launched a few weeks ago. Initially it was slated to offer a 30-day trial, but has been extended to 60 days. Now, RIM is giving U.S. customers that download BBM Music between now and January 4th, four months of service on the house.

After the trial period, BBM Music will run you $5 month. That fee gets you 50 songs to add to your collection. In addition to your collection you also have access to your contact’s collections as well. Obviously, this makes the experience with the app largely dependent on your contacts and the compatibility between their tastes in music and yours. $5 a month might be a hard sell for only 50 songs that you’re guaranteed to like, but with a four-month free trial on the table, it can’t hurt to try it out. Be warned, however, RIM will be requesting a payment method in advanced, so be sure to set a reminder in your calendar to cancel in case your not satisfied.

source: BlackBerry via IntoMobile



1. Forsaken77

Posts: 553; Member since: Jun 09, 2011

4 months of free service is a great deal for any music service. That's almost half a year! They're probably doing it that long so people forget to cancel that far down the road lol. has anyone actually used this service? I'm curious to know what it's like.

2. DonMateo28

Posts: 14; Member since: Oct 20, 2011

Man i wouldn't dowload it from app world i did and it nuke my blackberry torch it keeps resetting and rebooting itself, so unless other people comment on here and tell you otherwise don't download from app world

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