RIM does better in Q2 than expected

RIM does better in Q2 than expected
RIM has announced their official numbers from Q2, and the numbers may be surprising given the thick competition that their BlackBerry devices are forced to compete against. They improved a good amount from their 2009 Q2 numbers, and even exceeded their own expectations.

Their numbers are quite impressive. For the whole quarter, RIM generated 4.62 billion in revenue. The availability of quality handsets on multiple networks worldwide surely was a big help towards that lofty sum. The recent release of the Blackberry Torch 9800 can only be given a little bit of the credit as it was released towards the end of the quarter.

Maybe even just as impressive as their revenue is the fact that they gained 4.5 million new net subscribers. This is a testament to the products that they put out. They must be good though to gain that many new users, considering that’s a whopping 56% increase from this time last year.

Loyal BlackBerry users should also be thanked for their continued dedication during a time when other operating systems such as Android and iOS are gaining some serious followers. Without them these numbers would be much lower. Going hand in hand with revenue would be the cost of shares of course, which also increased over the course of Q2.

Can RIM keep these numbers throughout Q3 and the upcoming holiday season? Are any of you shocked to find out how well RIM did this part quarter given their strong competition? Tell us what you think below.

source: Into Mobile

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