Qwest partners with Verizon Wireless

Qwest partners with Verizon Wireless
Qwest and Verizon Wireless today announced a five year partnership set to begin this summer. The deal gives Qwest the ability to market and sell Verizon products, and will also allow for integrated billing between the two companies. Existing Qwest residential customers can choose to bundle their Verizon Wireless service with their Qwest landline, internet and/or video and receive one bill for all services. Wireless customers will have access to the full line of Verizon Wireless products and services and can purchase service at Qwest retail stores, via their call centers or online at qwest.com.

The two companies will also partner on enterprise and government contracts. They will begin working on converged services, such as a unified voicemail box and Qwest IP networking solutions integrated with Verizon's mobile broadband offering for business and government subscribers.

The press release makes no mention of branding- currently Qwest operates as a self-branded MVNO using Sprint's network- but we would be surprised if the wireless product was not branded as Verizon Wireless. (Update: Qwest has confirmed that the phones will be VZW branded, which means Qwest is basically a glorified authorized agent.)  Verizon offers similar integrated solutions to its residential and wireless customers, and appears to be working on a tightly integrated offering for their FiOS and wireless customers. There is no word if this type of integration is in the works for Verizon Wireless and Qwest residential customers.

source: Qwest



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the fact that all qwest cst will have to go over to verizon eventually is scary at best, also some qwest customers who already have qwest wireless service may be required to pay a deposit upon transferring to verizon. however they have been assured that they will receive at no charge a like for like phone. aka moto q for moto q etc. as long as verizon carries a similar product. also qwest customers have been assured there will be no activation fee and they will find a close match to the current plan they have with qwest. my concern is.... the plan i have with the added data package is under 70 a month.. to get the same plan with 50 less AT mins is over 100! i guess i'm not sure how to respond to this.

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